Professional Services

XCloner offers the following professional services:

Backup care plan
/mo /site
For WordPress users
  • Monitor backups on 1 site
  • Daily backup verification
  • Ongoing XCloner optimization
  • $49 setup fee
Install & config
For everyone
  • Install XCloner on 1 site
  • Create 2 scheduled backups
  • Optimize  XCloner
  • Test backup & storage
Site migration or restore
For everyone
  • Backup site (if needed)
  • Restore backup to:
  • (a) another server/domain, or 
  • (b) same server/ domain.

Backup monitoring & care plan — $9 /month /site ($49 setup fee)

The care plan is a monthly subscription for WordPress users only and includes:

  • Once daily monitoring to ensure that:
    • the backup process completes normally.
    • backups are successfully transferred to their remote destinations.
  • Fixing any configuration issues that prevent backups from completing normally.
  • Manually generating fresh backups (when failed backups are detected)

XCloner installation & configuration — $59 /site

The Install & Config service includes the following:

  • Install XCloner on one (1) site
  • Create up to two (2) scheduled backups
  • Optimize XCloner per available resources
  • Test backups and remote storage transfer

Site migration or backup restore — $99 /site

The Site Migration/Site Restore service includes the following:

  • Perform a backup of the source site (if needed)
  • One of the following restoration services:
    • Migrate one (1) site from one domain to another
    • Restore a single-site backup to the same domain (replacing all existing content)