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  1. IT Developer says:

    GREATEST FREAKEN PRODUCT. Morons at MyTrueHost purposely disabled everyone’s backup function in CPANEL because they were too cheap to upgrade their servers. XCLONER was the solution! So we can get a great backup anytime we want thanks to XCLONER! Will never go back to MyTrueHost ever again!

  2. The best website backup/restore software

  3. thx for this great tool!
    I am using it now for 20 minutes and there are so many options.. thx thx!!

  4. pete says:

    Absolutely fantastic for Joomla, so much easier than Akeeba Backup

  5. Brian L says:

    Xcloner makes the task of moving websites between sites really easy – I don’t know how I managed without it

  6. Paulo Lopes says:

    excellent backup tool

  7. Eric P. says:

    Being in the process of setting up a multi-vendor store and configuring the Joomla/Hikashop I saved my ass several times using xCloner. Not only easy to install, but also easy to configure, and most important: it simple works!

  8. Wissam says:

    This is the best backup tool ive ever used for joomla. No competition. Never faulted, never failed.

    Thanks Xcloner
    5* indeed.

  9. Anibeen says:

    Tested both this and Akeeba. the first time I backed up with Akeeba it gave me a non-functional backup. May be I did something wrong but Xcloner is always doing the same thing right!

  10. John says:

    This is exactly what i wanted, backs up in seconds and it was free. Great tool for my word press sites

  11. Luis Galvan says:

    The best website backup/restore software

  12. John says:

    Greatly appreciated for extremely useful WP plugin & Joomla! extension.
    Undoubtly it’s first component to be installed!

  13. FirmaWeb says:

    Great plugin, complete backup. Tnx

  14. FirmaWeb says:

    Great tool. tnx

  15. Jorge Lopez says:

    Nice job, good design, amazing plugin.

  16. ithero says:


  17. Gregory says:

    The Absolute Tool!

  18. Hessam says:

    A must have tool. Easy and straightforward.

  19. mark says:

    An excellent addon. I have used it for about 6 months and on testing the backups all worked brilliantly. I haev confidence that if I need to use “in anger” it will work perfectly!

  20. Excellent, fully fledged, well designed software.
    5.00 out of 5

  21. Henning says:

    thank you for this great plugin, it helped me many times.

  22. Christian says:

    It’s a MUST for any wordpress installation.
    Great job!
    I used to design Joomla websites and use Akeeba backup, and this is an even easier method for backuping & restoring WordPress sites.

  23. Chad says:

    It’s literally the best thing to ever happen to WordPress!

  24. This tool helps me a lot on my work! Kudos to the ones who created this!

  25. amitray says:

    Really a nice extension. I love it and i was so much impressed that also I left a feedback for you today in JED. thanks a lot.

  26. edisondairo says:

    had to test like 10+ plugins until i found this one. easy to use, fast and do what it has to do. thanks a lot!

  27. Hiep Vu says:


    Is it a good idea if you automatically set the MySQL parameters same to Joomla.

    When I change the database, XCloner backups old database.

    Best regards,

  28. John D says:

    The best backup and migration tool for WordPress by far!

  29. rr says:

    A very great tool and extension!

  30. It’s the best tool ever… I have been using it since the start on Joomla… when I found it on WordPress I thought I was dreaming… thank you guys for your awesome work!!

  31. Valeriano says:

    Una herramienta muy útil, que te evitará disgustos en caso de desastre en tu web; con una buena salvaguarda de Xcloner, en 1 hora tendrás tu web funcionando de nuevo, pues es sencillísimo su manejo. ¡Gracias al autor del plugin!.

  32. Emanuele says:

    Il miglior plugin per wordpress, lo installo su tutti i miei siti web per avere una copia di backup quasi istantanea e per trasferirli con pochi click.

  33. Lars Olsson says:

    Yes folks, XCloner is the real deal – not a toy, nor a dumbed-down interface, yet simultaneously not intimidating nor loaded with useless features or bells and whistles. Instead, it is a clean, powerful, easy-to-navigate tool for doing what all of us should be doing on a regular basis – backiing up our wordpress databases and installations. Limiting my approval to two thumbs up merely because I do not have more than two hands.

  34. Ashley Scott says:

    yep – backup tool, migration tool, indispensible. Really really great. If someone could disable the unnecessary admin login on the wordpress version it would be even better.

  35. Excelente herramienta para mantener y programar respaldos de sitios webs. MUY MUY MUY REcomendable!

  36. Jamie says:

    Very easy to use. Thanks.

  37. This is a great, great tool and workd lika a charm !!

    WordPress/LAMP/Ubuntu (web) to WordPress/MS WebMatrix/Win7 (local)

    Cloned with LOTS of modificated WP-files, tonns of special plugins and a couple of additional mysql-tables.

    ALL worked out the first time. YES!

    Tested a lot of other tools but NONE did the job. There`s all in XCloner you`ll need – even if you might need to “read the fucking manual”. it´s worth it. i`ll sure stick to it.


  38. Brilliant plugin. Installed perfectly, led this newb through my first ever backup and even made sure I changed my password details.

    Can’t thank the devs enough for this. After a scare this morning, I feel so much safer now that I have a proper backup solution in place.

  39. A4kadiusz says:

    It is briliant!
    No problem with installation and backup!
    Simple and powerfull! Much better than Akeeba…

  40. Chad says:

    Love this tool. Hassle free files back up for my wordpress and joomla site.

  41. Dominic says:

    This is seriously the best plugin I have ever used. Twice, this thing has installed without error, configured properly, checks all the backup paths, reminds you to change your password for security, gives realtime backup status and it has so many options! This is probably the best joomla extension of all time. Thanks, to the devs, for building it, and making it free.

  42. kusaba says:

    Thank you!! The best backup plugin for Joomla!!

  43. Sunil says:

    a great backup tool (i am new in wordpress)

    many thankx

    Sunil WebArc

  44. Jason says:

    Just Brilliant, I was using another backup extension but XCloner is far superior.

  45. Dave says:

    Have been feeling my way with WordPress and was not looking forward to doing backups although I know that they are very necessary. I was given a tip to try XCloner. XCloner made the task so easy and I have even setup my first Cron job. Thanks guys excellent product.

  46. David says:

    Absolutely fantastic, easy to use, install and ready to go. Thanks for your good work

  47. 1Energy1 Inc says:

    Best Backup-Restore tool.
    – Easy admin
    – Standalone, WordPress, Joomla
    – Backup-Restore, clone
    Thanks a lot

  48. Ken says:

    Very easy to install and configure. Haven’t had to restore yet, but it looks easy enough.


  49. Joomla User says:

    Wonderful tool. The best of it’s bunch. No other backup tool works as well as this one. Perfection.

  50. B. Alton says:

    Super easy to install and use with Joomla. A great tool that anyone can use! I have not tried the WordPress version yet, but I am excited to try it.

  51. Jens says:

    After looking at seeveral other clonngtools for WordPress I finally came to XCloner – and I love it! Very fast, very reliable, just perfect. I cloned/moved an entire Website with many plugins and Pictures without any loss or problems. Tanks, Ovidiu, for this great work;)

  52. Fabio says:

    Absolutely the best back-up extension for joomla I’ve used so far. Esay to use, quick to learn and always giving great results. I always use it to move client’s websites from local enviroment to production and to back them up.
    Great job. Thank you.

  53. Matt says:

    Wonderful tool. The best of it’s bunch. No other backup tool works as well as this one. Perfection.

  54. alexis says:

    Thank you for your amazing and helpful backup tool.

  55. What a relief to find something that works, even for a novice like me. I found the setup very straight forward. Tried other extensions but the restore element was just too darned complicated. Well done and thanks! 🙂 5 stars

  56. Avis says:

    Thanks for that perfect backup tool for wordpress!

  57. Mr.PJ says:

    I do a lot of off line website creation and configuration. I use a WAMP on my windows7 server. Manually backing up and syncing takes forever. This tool will have completed the backup before I have finished tying this review.

    I install uninstall and trash modules in the testing server, I simply use my last backup and in minutes it is back before I started messing with it.

    Once I have the module configured the way I like and styled correctly I push it to the live server.

    This is great in the developmental stage, but what about production servers?

    Moving the entire site took me a minimum of 3 hours before this tool. Now… I am finished in less than 15% of the time. It is that kind of time saving that makes this worth the effort.

    I tried the Akebee thing and it failed on my first run. I just don’t have time for this.. So glad I am into experimenting with other developers.

    Thanks for the terrific component.

    I will be reviewing you on my own blog.
    or ElectronicCarpenter.com for the forwarding domain.

  58. Crtanko says:

    Thank you very much for this usefull plugin!

  59. Aaron says:

    Love the Joomla component. Very easy to use and works extremely fast! Saves having to backup in cPanel from now on 🙂


  60. tasarhane says:

    877mb database backed up without any problem..
    best wordpress backup plugin ever.


    I am finally relieved of the anxiety of backups and safety! Cannot thank you guys enough…

  62. Henrik says:

    This great tool help me very much, thanks…

    6 stars

  63. Max says:

    It’s simple. It’s quick. It does what it says. Awesome component !

  64. Brainard says:

    My sincere compliments.
    One of the best joomla extension.
    I hope you continue in this way.
    Thank you.

  65. I’m bemused! Xcloner is the best thing to manage MySql database I’ve ever met. Besides, it backups all the files, clips and images on my server into one single and neat backup file. Heads up, guys!

  66. Samomatic says:

    It works, thank you for providing the plugin to the community!

  67. Mluleki says:

    Xcloner is great I was able to upload my website from my pc to the remote server at 1st try, I didnt have to adjust any configuration it just worked perfectly

  68. James Aero says:

    Backup makes our easier! Thank you for your component! Best partner with virtuemart in Joomla!

  69. Kusaba says:

    Easiest way to backup Joomla.
    So many help is giving to my work. Thank for you!

  70. Sookie says:

    love this tool, very easy to install and use. Great! Thanks!

  71. Enchantnet says:

    Excellent backup utility/plugin! Easy to use, quick, efficient. If I could, I’d buy you guys a beer!

  72. Hans says:

    Great tool to use! Simple and good, just the way i like it!

  73. Pascal says:

    The only backup/restore that managed to move my website to another server without-any-problem!!!!
    only took 15 minutes to do the move.
    I did not hesitate to make a small donation.

  74. Steve Lee says:

    20 out of 10. I’ve used XCloner for some time, now on numerous builds, and find it to be a rock solid tool that does exactly what it says on the tin. Why anyone would want to use the likes of Backup Buddy when XCloner is on the block is beyond me. Thank you for a fantastic product and please keep up the amazing work.

  75. Bogdan Ilie says:

    Superb! Works excellent! Easy to use, backup, clone… etc. Congrats!

  76. cocobi says:

    Very Thank’s.. your tool is very help me..
    5 stars for you

  77. Mino says:

    uh, I think the word is, ‘aawweesomme.” As a shoestring diy musician it is a relief that I have a backup of all the work that’s been done on the site. you guys rock!

  78. Stan says:

    Thank you for this awesome backup tool. It saved my day! Keep up the good work. I really appreciate.


  79. Thomas says:

    Great tool – This tool helps me in an easy way to move things around as well as do backups very fast.

  80. Installed XCloner in Joomla, made backup, transferred the backup and started the restore process. Within 30 minutes (including transfer time) we had the Joomla environment up and running. This could not be made easier! Compliments to the XCloner company for sharing this great tool with us.

  81. Just switched from “the other” well known backup tool in Joomla (not hard to guess!). This one is excellent, and a lot easier to use and configure. Plus the free forums are very accessible for support. I’m sticking to this one for all my sites!

  82. Rich Cox says:

    Have been looking for a good backup and restore program for WP for some time. This is EXCELLENT !!! Works really well and is intuitive to use. I would highly recommend this to others. It will backup the WP Database and full file system. 10/10 guys well done!

  83. Zohar says:

    a great tool working perfectly, it is a must for every site 5 Stars+

  84. Ray says:

    Great! Works well!

    My host has abandoned the use of commands such as exec() but xcloner has alternative methods of operation. Which from their point of view means far less possibilities for hacks & exploits.

    The cron works out of the box. I’d looked at scripts from the web for a cron backup but couldn’t get them to work. This is excellent!

  85. This plugin saved my life. I can not thank you enough. I wish you the best of success at what you do!!!!!

  86. Steve Weinrich says:

    It does exactly what it reports to do, and does it fast. This one product has saved me at least 10 hours of work to move my site from my development server to my client’s live server.

    Thank you for making this available to the Joomla! community at large. You’ve done a fantastic job! Thanks again!


  87. James says:

    Our site is our main face to the world. We put on an international professional stage rally event as well as a smaller RallyX series. Our competitors come from all over the world. It is imperative that our site be bullet proof. XCloner is how we achieve that. Its easy to use and integrates perfectly with Joomla. Thanks guys you are as much apart of our success as our competitors.
    secretary and webmaster,
    Idaho rally group
    Idaho Rally International.
    Southwest Idaho RallyX series.

  88. Kevin says:

    Using this to help maintain a Joomla 2.5 site. It works flawlessly to back up the site. It has been used to manually copy/move this and other sites and to generate working copies from the live site. It’s an excellent component, far better than most.

  89. Roman says:

    XCloner is a great component for joomla. It works very well and it’s easy to use.
    Thank you very much for so nice tool!

  90. Gerald Derigo says:

    This awesome tool helps me saving time and it is very comfortable to use. One of the best freeware tools i know!

  91. Israel Oliveira says:

    Is unusual to find applications and as good as if not enough free! Many many congratulations. Excellent work. 5 Stars! I recommend!

  92. pochat says:

    mega great!! We have a couple of developers that we asked to backup our site and had no idea how to do it, this extension has done it in 3 steps!

  93. Caroline says:

    Does exactly what it says on the box, easy to use and as straight forward as they come.
    Thank you

  94. servet says:

    You can count on xcloner. I was able to solve my backup problems with it. Immediate response and quality support from the maintainer. Thumbs up.

  95. Don says:

    I was scared sh**less to try a cron job but you made it so easy with your instructions, especially on Wiki, that when I got done, I said “Well, I’ll be da**ed, I did it.

  96. Very Impressed Ovidiu. Thank you for the superb work you did on this robust plugin for WordPress.

  97. Xamadu says:

    Great tool, very efficient and easy to use
    Well done !!

  98. I used both of the plugins for Joomla as well as WordPress. I think only one word can explain the efficiency of your plugins. “EXCELLENT”

  99. Imo says:

    Excellent. Nothing more needs to be said.

  100. Diego says:

    gran trabajo… funciona fenomenal 🙂

  101. Kuddel says:

    Thank you very much for a great extension! And all for free. Highly Recommended.

  102. Johny says:

    This tool is amazing I got it the 1st Time on 3 sites. I give ir 5 stars, I would give more but limit on all testemonials

  103. Ciceu Andrei says:

    A very usefull and intuitive tool for wordpress backup. 10/10.
    Thank you!

  104. Joguin says:

    What is a great Extension, thank for your job and go on !

    Better than some commercial application.

    I will make a link to your site, as soon as mine is finalised,


  105. Spiros Politis says:

    Great tool! Keep up the good work guys!

  106. javier says:

    the best, guys! tanx a lot.

  107. Wolfy says:

    Just AWESOME!!!!! just what I needed to clone my one site to many sub-domains and then just changed the name, saved me hours of work, and backup is just great everything works very good for me, Thanks!!! for this service I really appreciate it. 🙂

  108. Roger says:

    Wow! This is the easiest to use backup tool I have ever used! A breeze to install and works exactly as advertised… What a combination!


  109. Troy says:

    Fantastic! I’ve been looking for an alternative to “that other” backup solution for Joomla and this one far surpassed my expectations. Well done!

  110. William says:

    Great easy to use and simple backup tool. Set up your cron job and go! Thanks guys! Nothing like a free tool that works great and is a MUST!


  111. Mario says:

    Great component!!!!

    Very usefull functionalities, easy to use…

    The best backup tool for Joomla!


  112. Pat says:

    Using it on more than 1 site and it works superb!!!

  113. hermi says:

    I’m very pleased with this suberb backup script which is a real lifesaver as I did search for a long time on the internet and I’m glad to have come across your script.
    Even for me as an unskilled it was easy to install the script on my server and use it.
    Thanks again, well done.

  114. lenin says:

    best plugin!!!! you save my life and my time…

  115. Aron says:

    The best and easiest way to make backups for Joomla! No technological knowledge necessary, just install and GO!

  116. Lisa says:

    What an AWESOME plugin!! When I first started looking around on how to automate my wordpress backup I thought it was going to be a huge amount of effort. XCloner is perfect! A one time setup, it even give you the command to put in Cron and you’re good to go. One thing I really love about it to is that everything (files and db export) are contained in a tar file. I could recover manually or move to another server if needed. Thank You SOOoo much for this plugin!

  117. Mike Stone says:

    You guys are a lifesaver!! Thank you — I’m using Joomla 1.5 and I need this! PERFECT

  118. ulas camsari says:

    Awesome, wonderful, magnificent !
    And free? Unbelievable !

    Thank you and thank you !

  119. John McClain says:

    Excellent performance and a ‘no brainer’ to set up. This feature is the top of the line!

  120. This backup tool is GREAT. I’ve been through many others and the ease of use and functionality is not even comparable. I really like that I can include my other databases as well, I’m able to backup all of my hosted wordpress sites in one click!

    Thanks for such a fantastic plugin!

  121. Adrian says:

    Hardly unbelievable to see a very great XCloner plugin being offered at free cost! The majority of other backup plugins is to be paid for using other powerful features compared to XCloner’s most great features which are also FREE to use.

    This is to say the creator of XCloner is very kind and charitable man to allow WordPress users to use XCloner plugin without forking out any cents except those who needs to pay for backup online support when they face XCloner issues someday. Quite reasonable and fair.

    In other words, XCloner is actually the BEST useful and powerful backup plugin, not to mention the cost is ZERO to use. Well done Mr Ovidiu Liuta!

  122. Best WordPress Backup Tool ever made!
    I’d actually pay any money to have this tool supported and bug free!! AWESOME JOB GUYS~!

  123. Shariq says:

    I am surprised. It is really a very powerful back restore tool…thanks for making it available for WordPress.

  124. Edward says:

    Its very useful tool and user friendly thanks

  125. Brian M says:

    Thanks for the great tool. I am a Board member of this organization and recently took over web site administration. After setting up the correct folders, backups are only a few clicks, and I can download the backup file for redundancy and peace of mind.

  126. Jacopo says:

    Complimenti, veramente. ottimo prodotto per Joomla!!

  127. Carl French says:

    Excellent product – no installation problems, easy to configure – easy to download the backup – lot’s of useful features and best of all, and unlike several other plug-ins I’ve tried for, backups IT WORKS!

  128. No question this is the best server side backup solution for wordpress there is! and it’s for FREE!!


  129. Marc Roberge says:

    What can I say. The ONLY free WordPress Backup/Cloning solution you’ll ever need. Quick and easy to set up. Performs full site backups.

    I can’t thank you enough!

  130. AWESOME “Must Have” backup tool. ANYONE who has a Joomla/WordPress site should have this, and frankly, it should be a part of the administration package of all Joomla/Wordpress sites. Even a dummy like me can use it anf figure out what I’m supposed to be doing in not minutes, but seconds!!

  131. Nathan says:

    Great tool! Super easy to use and has built in instructions on how to get setup. Can’t recommend this enough. Should be one of the first plugins any WordPress user should install.

  132. Love it! You can use this tool even if you are not so technical like me;-)

  133. I started using your backup and I’m living a web-developer’s dream!

    Xcloner is the best backup AND RESTORE solution I ever encountered in my life.

    May I also suggest Timeline recovery for future versions? =D

  134. Phil says:

    It works great. It’s one of the easiest back-up I have used. Very user friendly. It pulls the database info including the password without manually entering once you enter the admin/pass.
    The developer really knows the virtue of user friendliness. Cheers.

    Once area that can be improved in the user interface. I wished it look more modern like the WordPress interface.

    ★★★★ & half stars out of 5!

  135. anarresti says:

    Best backup I ever tryed! Great!
    El mejor respaldo que he usado! Genial

  136. Steve Lee says:


    A highly comprehensive backup and restore system with a very slick cloning feature. It works perfectly first time, every time and it’s FREE!!

    I can recommend this system highly enough.

  137. Worship Man says:

    One of the best free plugins I have used. Very professional design – front and backend.
    Great product! I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

  138. Tobias says:

    Great Tool! Very professional and user-orientated!

  139. Susie says:

    100% exactly what I needed.

    I am still learning about managing our website so this is one of the most invaluable tools.

    Thank you … how many stars is the maximum I can give??!

  140. Lisa says:

    Great backup tool for Joomla.

  141. vimala says:

    This is best module. Backend is superb!!
    Thanks a lot!!!

  142. dkwdba says:

    Love Xcloner. Easy install and easy use. Great help on the forums. A little knowledge of servers and joomla really helps, but still love it.

  143. Paras Parmar says:

    Excellant…! I have use this for my one of client its work fine, easy to install/setup and fully safe.


    Paras Parmar
    (web Designer)

  144. Les B says:

    10/10 – excellent plugin, easy to setup and works like a dream. Carries out a full file and database backup very quickly. This is exactly what I have been looking for as a backup utility for a long time. Thanks !

  145. Joel says:

    Works great! Well, at least the backup. Took a tiny bit of thinking to set up, and it seemed to work. Thanks for making a great product. I hope I never have to use the other part (restore!)

  146. chris says:

    very very nice and working great 🙂

  147. Adrian says:

    I admit that Xcloner is much superior and also FREE compared to other similiar backup plugins. At first, I had difficulty with installing other backup plugins and I give up on those until I happened to see the reviews about Xcloner. Want to find out how good Xcloner is first. But to my full surprise, Xcloner installation and backup process went very smoothly. Everything run up great without any hiccups! So unbelieveable to see that XCloner is FREE! What can I ask more! Here is my serious rating for XCloner is 10/10! Good work man.

  148. walter says:

    Backing up the website and database was great. Unfortunately, I had a bit of difficulty restoring it on a different site. Other than the restore the backup was excellent.

  149. Luker says:

    A great tool for creating clones that you can use to preserve all of your base joomla settings. FTP feature is convenient and fast!

  150. Adam Newdow says:

    This is really nice. I just like everything about this experience so far. I mean the software is great, but you have to ask yourself what is driving me to comment? There is just something clean about the whole approach. It works intuitively, and I’m not just saying that. My site is now backed up with almost zero hassle, except for the other modules I had to go through to get to Xcloner. Fabulous work! -Adam Newdow

  151. Geld Sparen says:

    Great Plugin. We use it on a daily basis. A huge thank you to the programmers. Keep the good work, guys.

  152. Robin Pain says:

    This is excellent. Very simple to use and simple to then download copies of the backup. 10/10

  153. Thomas Skipper says:

    this program is a MUST have! I installed it on every WordPress and Joomla websites.

    When you have tried it you begin to think how you could miss it.

    So deadsimple to use – and a great tool if you have to clone your site to another server.

    5/5 stars!

  154. Bill Hanover says:

    I use many plugins across several different websites. XCloner is my favorite tool and very reliable.

    Every time WP comes up with yet another update I always run XCloner as an essential first step before I update anything else.

    This program is truly excellent!

    Thanks Much Gents!


  155. RAZAQ says:

    Easy Backup, Easy Restore,
    May Force be with you…

  156. I have built many blogs and Joomla sites over the years. Had a few hacked and trying to do a restore was a joke. This is great. I will be telling all my clients about this. Thanks guys… 🙂

  157. Klaus says:

    Terrific, intuitive and reliable. What more could I say?

  158. Adrian Tolby says:

    100% perfect experience! Was looking for a reliable backup plugin and this suits my needs 100%

  159. saeed says:

    thank you
    Great tool for backing up your joomla and wordpress sites.

  160. his is a WOW product. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and the speed with which the functions were executed. I was able to backup my entire fully-loaded Joomla 1.522 installation on one server and restore it on another server in less time than it took me to install Joomla in the first place. Absolutely essential. Thank you and may God bless you.

  161. Martin says:

    Great plugin. One click: complete backup. No worries. Thanks.

  162. Bill Phelps says:

    I use this on a few Drupal sites. The Drupal backup & migrate module is OK for the database but it’s not great for files. Xcloner is a terrific way to get a complete snapshot image of everything and it enables you to restore without hassle to a clean site.
    Ovidiu also provides outstanding customer service – excellent all round!

  163. Elmo Lombard says:

    Thanks, best backup tool for Joomla and so easy to use. Ovidiu Liuta you are star, the only problem that I had was sorted by reading a prevouis forum reply that you made.

  164. Simon says:

    Excellent backup plugings. Keep up good work.

  165. jan says:

    Just downloaded and installed this plugin. I made my first backup and it was easy.
    I hope I do not need to restore, but the plugin seems OK.

  166. hari says:

    Nothing but super!!!
    backup in seconds, great!!
    thanks for this great plugin.

  167. Ruxandra says:

    Great tool – saved my life. I run a lot of Joomla sites and a few wordpress sites. This tool helps me move things around as well as do backups very fast.

  168. Sean says:

    Worked for me. It was a little scary because I ended up needing it before I had a chance to learn the tool. But that little .tar file was all I needed along with some guidance from a really good XCloner support tech.

  169. You guys are OFF THE CHAIN!

  170. Marv says:

    Great tool for backing up your wordpress sites.

  171. Sean R. says:

    Amazing backup tool. I have it working perfectly on my wordpress photo site and will be installing the standalone version to my gaming clans website so I can back it up once a week. Keep up the good work. You all deserve a huge pat on the back.

  172. Paul says:

    Just started with wordpress, what an excellent backup. Tried a few others but couldn’t do it.

    Thank you

  173. Jos Thiel says:

    … a great tool (even for dummies like myself)
    5 stars +

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