New update for WordPress , V3.1.0

I am pleased to announce the new release of XCloner for WordPress version 3.1.0.

We have now fully integrated the plugin with WordPress so you can enjoy a faster and easier interface access, as well as increased the plugin security to maximum to protect the plugin against future attacks.

The xcloner authentication system is now integrated with the WordPress admin area and plugin settings are being saved in the database, so future upgrades will keep the plugin settings intact.

When moving your site to a new location, i advise updating the Backup Start Path and Backup Store Path, XCloner can do this automatically if you simply delete the existing values and hit Save.

We are still waiting for the WordPress team to approve our new version, meanwhile you can download the latest version from our site .

For questions and support please visit our free forums .

New release XCloner V2.2.1

We are proud to announce the release of XCloner major version 2.2.

This version brings some new options to the Generate Backup process interface, including an ajax JSON engine and an incremental file scanning system.
From our tests, the new AJAX Generate backup system is much faster than the similar normal incremental mode, and it will also help with directory scanning timeouts on large filesystems.

The new AJAX system requires however PHP version to be at least 5.2.0 with JSON enabled. If XCloner determines the PHP version as being incompatible, it will default it's backup process to the normal incremental mode.

To report bugs or request new features, please use the XCloner Free Forums.

Why we made XCloner standalone and how we integrate it with Joomla/WordPress?

A lot of people asked me why XCloner requires an extra login when using it from inside the Joomla/Wordpress backend, when it runs as an extension.

The answer is pretty simple, we always think ahead in terms of security! Imagine if XCloner was dependable on your Joomla/Wordpress site and at some point the site gets hacked or becomes inaccessible, then your third-party extensions will also fail and you wouldn't be able to create any backups or use some of it's restore functions. Read more →

How to make money with XCloner?

At , we have been using successfully XCloner for years as a utility to move client websites around hosting accounts, so figuring out how to make money with XCloner is pretty simple.

It will save you a lot of your time and will also increase the reliability of your site move.

And if the forums support are not enough, we also offer you Premium Support , so you can rest assured you will get he job done properly.

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