New Release XCloner V3.0.1

We are proud to announce the release and immediate download availability of XCloner V3.0.1.
Some of the main changes and addons:

  • Incremental database backup, to solve the large databases timeout issues
  • Improved incremental file system scanning
  • Backup limit splitter, for systems where archives larger than a certain size can't be created, XCloner will split the backup archive into smaller parts
  • Ability to exclude files larger than a certain file size
  • JQuery UI Start interface
  • Improved incremental restore process to fix files extraction timeout issues
  • Ability to add backup comments

Please note, the current status is Beta, so we do not recommend it to be used on production sites just yet as we need to do further testing.

We would however appreciate any feedback input as always.


  1. One note, you could use mysqldump if it’s supported on your server, so try and activate the mysqldump option in the XCloner Config and add the –routines option as parameter, check here


  2. At the moment, XCloner doesn’t support this feature, i would appreciate if you could make a feature request in our free forum, we will look into implementing it.


  3. Mark says:

    How to take a backup of mysql stored procedures using xcloner?

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