Backup manager & site organizer

Watchful makes it easy to review the status of your backups across all your websites. A quick glance of the dashboard reveals the most recent backup dates, available updates, and core WordPress version. And the flexible tagging system helps you organize your site with exactly the keywords most important to you. Simply click a tag […]

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Wordpress Backup Manager And Site Organizer

Remote backup creator

Whether you’re about to update a plugin or edit a file in your theme, there are times when your scheduled backups just aren’t enough and you need a fresh copy. With Watchful, you can create a remote backup with ease from your website dashboard. And if you want a fresh backup of all your sites, […]

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Remote Backup Creator

Stale & failed backup detector

Put an end to the stress of wondering if your backups are running or current. Watchful’s stale and failed backup notifications will keep you updated with any problems or delays so you can fix them and keep your backups current. The site organizer can also be sorted by the age of the most recent backup […]

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Stale Backup Warning

Bulk plugin updater

Watchful includes a lot more than backup tools. Updates for plugins — free and Premium — as well as the WordPress core are baked right in. Updating your sites starts with notifications shown right in the site organizer. As you can see above, this provides a global view of the number of pending updates. When […]

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Dashboard Update Notification Zoom

Best practice scanner

Both experienced and novice web developers can benefit from the best practice scanner. We analyze your site for a host of WordPress attributes such as unused plugins and themes, unsafe permissions for your configuration file, unsafe database settings, the use of strong passwords, and more The best-practice scanner can be run at any time and […]

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Best Practice Scanner

Intrusion scanner

Watchful includes a number of tools to help detect intruders on your WordPress website. The early warning audit runs every day and looks for changes to your core files and services. This includes changes to critical files such as the main WordPress configuration file and things like the PHP and MySQL version on your server. […]

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Early Warning Audit

White-label reports

If you’re managing sites for clients, a monthly or quarterly report is a great way to show how much maintenance you’ve done.Watchful makes it easy to prepare reports for your clients with your very own cover page and logo. Reports can include any and all information form the site activity logs such as software updates, […]

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White-label Reports