XCloner 4.0.1 for WordPress Released

  • Code rewritten from ground up to make use of latest code standards
  • Added support for Dropbox, Amazon S3, Azure Blob and SFTP storage
  • Added a new restore script
  • Added an improved backup and system logger
  • New Setting Panel
  • New Manage Backups Panel with the options to Delete, Transfer to Remote Storage, Download and List Backup archive contents
  • Added mail notifications for scheduled backups
  • Added a new Cron Scheduler to make use of WordPress System Cron option
  • Improved user input sanitisation
  • Improved recursive file scanning and archiving
  • Improved Mysql Backup dump
  • Added Multiple Cleanup options both for local storage and remote
  • Added Improved Backup Compressing option

XCloner for Joomla 3.5.3 released

The vulnerability listed here https://packetstormsecurity.com/files/132107/WordPress-XCloner-3.1.2-XSS-Command-Execution.html has been addressed and a new version has been released, version 3.5.3 , all users please upgrade.

Installing Xcloner with Softaculous in cPanel

New update for WordPress , V3.1.0

I am pleased to announce the new release of XCloner for WordPress version 3.1.0.

We have now fully integrated the plugin with WordPress so you can enjoy a faster and easier interface access, as well as increased the plugin security to maximum to protect the plugin against future attacks.

The xcloner authentication system is now integrated with the WordPress admin area and plugin settings are being saved in the database, so future upgrades will keep the plugin settings intact.

When moving your site to a new location, i advise updating the Backup Start Path and Backup Store Path, XCloner can do this automatically if you simply delete the existing values and hit Save.

We are still waiting for the WordPress team to approve our new version, meanwhile you can download the latest version from our site http://www.xcloner.com/support/download/?did=9 .

For questions and support please visit our free forums http://www.xcloner.com/support/forums/ .

New DropBox Support

I am pleased to announce the immediate support for DropBox storage service starting with XCloner version 3.4 for Joomla and 3.0.9 for WordPress.

For now, due to the class implementation still in development, there are 2 small limitations:

1. file upload maximum size is capped at 150MB
2. curl is still in development, so until this is implemented, the allow_url_fopen php.ini parameter needs to be turned On

Important security upgrade!

All users are required to upgrade to the latest XCloner version, we have added several security and bug fixes!

It has come to our attention that there are several vulnerabilities in the standalone cron and restore script, upgrading to the latest version will fix those issue.

As always, if you move the restore script to a folder outside XCloner for restore, once you are finished, as indicated also on the restore page, please delete the XCloner.php file.

Please visit our Downloads area or our Free forums if you have questions!

Creating a Joomla backup under 4 Minutes!

Creating a Joomla backup has never been easier, from plugin download to backup under 4 minutes.
An official Thank you to our youtube video contributor wwwbeledk.

New Release XCloner V3.0.1

We are proud to announce the release and immediate download availability of XCloner V3.0.1.
Some of the main changes and addons:

  • Incremental database backup, to solve the large databases timeout issues
  • Improved incremental file system scanning
  • Backup limit splitter, for systems where archives larger than a certain size can't be created, XCloner will split the backup archive into smaller parts
  • Ability to exclude files larger than a certain file size
  • JQuery UI Start interface
  • Improved incremental restore process to fix files extraction timeout issues
  • Ability to add backup comments

Please note, the current status is Beta, so we do not recommend it to be used on production sites just yet as we need to do further testing.

We would however appreciate any feedback input as always.

New release XCloner V2.2.1

We are proud to announce the release of XCloner major version 2.2.

This version brings some new options to the Generate Backup process interface, including an ajax JSON engine and an incremental file scanning system.
From our tests, the new AJAX Generate backup system is much faster than the similar normal incremental mode, and it will also help with directory scanning timeouts on large filesystems.

The new AJAX system requires however PHP version to be at least 5.2.0 with JSON enabled. If XCloner determines the PHP version as being incompatible, it will default it's backup process to the normal incremental mode.

To report bugs or request new features, please use the XCloner Free Forums.

Announcing Joomla 1.6 and XCloner compatibility

Joomla community has announced the release of the major Joomla 1.6 version, and we are happy to announce XCloner is fully compatible with this version also.

You can download the latest XCloner version from our Joomla Downloads area.

One small note, we noticed the Joomla core does not include anymore the administrator/backups directory, so before using XCloner, this folder needs to be created and made writeable.

Congratulations to the Joomla 1.6 team for this great update.

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