Zen Cart backup and restore tutorial

For those of you looking to backup a Zen Cart installation with XCloner, this forum post will help:


this is one of the many example the XCloner Standalone version can be used to backup and restore.

Thank you Paul for your detailed description, hopefully more users will get advantage of your post.

How to preview your website transfer before switching DNS?

We all know, the best practice to test a website transfer is to actually preview the site on the new host, this way you can see if all functionality is normal.

While a temporary url can be used, like the ones provided by Cpanel, Plesk, or a dedicated ip address, previewing the site from the actual domain name is even better.

Here is a quick and dirty trick to preview the website from a new hosting account, without actually changing the name servers: Read more →

How to further secure directories on your site?

A quick way of securing directories that you don't need for direct access is by placing a .htaccess file with this code in it:

Order Deny, Allow
Deny from All

The administrator/backups folder is one of the folders you can use to secure with the above code, since you can use a ftp client to download the backups from it. Read more →

Why we made XCloner standalone and how we integrate it with Joomla/WordPress?

A lot of people asked me why XCloner requires an extra login when using it from inside the Joomla/Wordpress backend, when it runs as an extension.

The answer is pretty simple, we always think ahead in terms of security! Imagine if XCloner was dependable on your Joomla/Wordpress site and at some point the site gets hacked or becomes inaccessible, then your third-party extensions will also fail and you wouldn't be able to create any backups or use some of it's restore functions. Read more →

How to backup and move an OSCommerce site?

By using the standalone version of XCloner, you can backup and restore your full OSCommerce Online Merchant website to any supported hosting account. Read more →

JoomlaPlug.com members support

We have finished importing the joomlaplug.com Support members into the new site database as well as subscriptions, so if you have an Active Subscription and would like to request for Premium Support, you can use the same user and pass as before to Submit an XCloner Support Ticket, login required.

What about joomlaplug.com ?

As you know, XCloner was originaly developed as a Joomla extension and was presented on the joomlaplug.com website

We decided it's time to switch it over to a proper domain with a new look.

Existing joomlaplug.com customers will be offered support the same way as before, but from now on, xcloner.com will be the main website for offering Premium support, so we hope our clients will find the change pleasant.

JoomlaPlug.com will continue to run as a Joomla services portal, hopefully with a new design soon.

How to make money with XCloner?

At www.thinkovi.com , we have been using successfully XCloner for years as a utility to move client websites around hosting accounts, so figuring out how to make money with XCloner is pretty simple.

It will save you a lot of your time and will also increase the reliability of your site move.

And if the forums support are not enough, we also offer you Premium Support , so you can rest assured you will get he job done properly.

Hello world!

This would be our first post on the XCloner.com website, we are thrilled about the new look.

The popular XCloner utility now has a dedicated website which we hope you like.

Inside the website you will find access to Forums, Online Manual, soon to be Wiki and also access to our Premium Support System.

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