XCloner is now part of Watchful.net

I am proud to announce that XCloner product and business is now part of Watchful.net, a premium website manager for WordPress and Joomla.

Watchful.net has great plans for XCloner for the future, so rest assured, your support questions will continue to receive an answer in a timely manner through the WordPress support forums.

Importantly, XCloner as a backup tool with all its current features, will continue to remain free for the foreseeable future.

I would like to thank YOU — all the existing users of XCloner — for the awesome ride that we had together. While I am moving my focus to other businesses, I will try and remain an active member of the community.

Additionally, I’ll be helping the Watchful team over the coming months to make sure we have a smooth transition.

From a personal perspective, XCloner has been a great achievement, both from a business perspective as well as a development challenge. The most developed version for WordPress closes in on 1,000,000  downloads and offers incremental and progressive Backups with AES-128 military-grade encryption. This makes it one of a few GDPR compliant WordPress backup plugins.

Stay healthy, exercise and make sure your website always has a good Backup Solution Strategy.

Ovidiu Liuta
ex-CEO, XCloner