Simple and efficient with a great support team.

Very simply designed backup tool with support for various remote storage. Scheduling is also supported. And most of all, the support team is really great in case of trouble!

Best backup plugin ever!

This is the best backup plugin I test and I will keep it. It's simple and effective. This is a must! Recommended 100%. Well done XCloner!
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Amazing!! Automated, file system and DB backups

Thank you so much for developing this plugin. It’s super intuitive, and does exactly what I need; automated, full system backups to the cloud.
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Offsite WordPress backup for free!!!

I tested a handful of backup plugins today but most of them were too limited in the free version. When I got to XCloner I stopped testing. XCloner didn’t cost me a cent and has all the features needed to make a full backup of my site. I store my backups on Google Drive: that is also included for free, as are many other popular cloud storage services. A+++

Works well, great support

This new version of XCloner works very well, much easier to setup and cleaner to work with. Thank you for making my life easier. Also, support was super fast in helping debug a problem with AWS S3 uploading of backups. Definitely 5* support.

It’s a MUST for any WordPress installation

I used to design Joomla websites and use Akeeba backup, and this is an even easier method for backing up & restoring WordPress sites. Great job!
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The BEST free automatic backup plugin

I have been using XCloner on all my WordPress sites for many years. I use it to back up each site automatically every week. I’ve used these back ups to successfully restore and migrate sites. The plugin creator is very helpful and willing to put in the time and effort to make sure his plugin will work with any site configuration. I am very appreciative of the tremendous free support he has provided over the years. I also appreciate that he keeps XCLoner updated frequently – the latest update is the best! (the new interface looks great and I love that the back up schedules are stored in the sql database now). Thank you!

XCloner – Best automated backup method

I have been using XCloner for years, and it’s the best. I can either use the restore provided by them, or easily take the tar and sql backups and restore to another server/location. Thanks for making backup so easy!
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Lisa Phillips

Excellent functionality!

I have used this plugin for years, and it does great. It was a bit hard to figure out at first, but has become easier over the years, and now with the new update, there’s a whole new interface that is easier to use than ever. I have had trouble with other back up plugins not being able to handle large sites, like 4 GB or more, but XCloner does it without timing out or causing errors. Love it!
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Zach Rice

Functioneaza Perfect

Testat pe un site de peste 20 gb cu google drive. Un plugin extraordinar!
Talpa Alexandru

Needed a simple backup and restore plugin for a sub-domain

I searched a Plugin for make a Backup from Main Page and also for one with the option to restore on another / sub domain. This Plugin is so easy to use and to restore ?.
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Good and reliable!

Twice in 10 days XCloner has helped me restore from a site crash due to a plugin activation failure. It helped build my confidence with daily operations. Thank you very much and keep on good work.
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Excellent experience and usability

Excellent plugin! Does the backup as expected, sends it to remote Backblaze B2 as expected. I needed to get used the the UI (as with most plugins). xCloner simply works. In my opinion the developer has put a lot of thought into the experience, which is evident in the practical options available. Recommending this as a standard “must use” backup plugin. Well done xCloner!
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Excellent plugin de sauvegarde

Ce plugin est super. Il permet de faire des sauvegardes dans un dossier spécifique en dehors du dossier racine. Il permet de planifier plusieurs sauvegardes à des fréquences différentes et avec des contenus différents (bdd, fichiers…) et de créer des copies sur un autre serveur via sftp (sécurisé). Merci!
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Other free plugins do not provide remote backup

Other free plugins do not provide remote backup option. You have to pay for it. But in XCloner it's free.
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Dewman (@1khan111)

Simple & fast. No fluff, no fuss. Just right.

Automatically chose best settings without me having to anything on my own. Within a few minutes created backup. Absolutely no fuss and no "if you want this then buy premium if you want that then get 20% discount blah blah".

Works really great. Nice Support

This plugin is really great. If you have any problems the support is really great!


I’ve been using this product for a number of years and had a few really complex restores and clones to achieve which I struggled with. Ovidiu was extremely patient and thorough and helped me understand the true extensive power of this excellent product. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. THANK YOU.
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George Szubinski

Excellent backup and restore plugin

Has everything a user could possibly wish for and does exactly what it is supposed to do. This is how a Backup Plugin should be.
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Thumbs up!

Works well for me. Doesn’t have any advertisements or up-sells for a Pro version. Does a solid job sending our backups to Amazon.
Steve Burge