What is the Cheapest Backup Storage for WordPress Sites?

If you have a large WordPress site, or take regular backups, it’s important to find an affordable and reliable place to store backup files.

Obviously, cost probably isn’t the only consideration.

For example, you are probably looking for a platform with a good user interface. Some storage platforms seem to have been designed in around 1990!

And you may care about location. Our company is based in the USA, but we use servers in Ireland because so many of our customers are based in Europe and care deeply about privacy.

But, it’s impossible to ignore price as a key factor. In this guide, we’ve ranked 10 of the more affordable backup storage options. The cheapest service on this list costs only 2% of the most expensive!

#1. Backblaze

I’ll admit that I always thought of Blackblaze as backup service for PCs and Macs. However, they’ve successfully expanded into general cloud storage and their prices really are excellent. XCloner 4.2.10 recently improved our Blackblaze support.

#2. Microsoft Azure

Azure is one of two Microsoft options on this list. It’s significantly cheaper than OneDrive.

#3. Amazon S3

Amazon is the most famous name on this list and they’re known for aggressively low prices. To get their very cheapest options, go for Amazon’s Glacier service, which does come with some restrictions on how fast you can retrieve files. Amazon could well be #1 on this list, but to get there you need to learn a lot about how to navigate their platform.

#4. iDrive

iDrive is similar to Blackblaze in their focus on consumers. I hear their ads on podcasts all the time and their messaging revolves around backups for phone and computers. Just like Blackblaze, their pricing is super-competitive.

#5. Dropbox

Dropbox is normally used for companies to share files internally, but they’re also a popular choice for backups. They have some desktop and mobile apps, plus cool features such as syncing, which allows you to easily move backup files to new devices.

#6. PCloud

PCloud is one of the few European companies on their list. Their services are not particularly special when compared to others on this list, but they do have an added focus on privacy and GDPR-compliance.

#7. IceDrive

IceDrive is based in the UK and is and the youngest company on this list. They do have large free plan (10GB) if you want to try them out.

#8. Google Drive

Almost everyone has a Google Drive account these days, along with their GMail. But Google’s storage is more convenient than cheap.

  • Monthly Cost: $0.200 per GB.
  • Documentation: Coming soon.

#9. Yandex

Like Google, storage is a second business for Yandex. And like Google, they focus as much on backups for photos as for websites. But Yandex.Desk is a competitive offering.

#10. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is another service mostly aimed at end-users who want to store their files and photos, but it can also be used for website backup files.