Learn why WordPress backups with Backblaze are safer with this simple trick

Backblaze is a popular offsite storage location for website backups due to it’s consistently low pay-as-you-go storage fees. In fact, we recently recommended creating a WordPress backup with Backblaze for this very reason. XCloner has long-supported creating WordPress backups with Backblaze. Access to Backblaze has always been through the use of API keys or application […]

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Critical update required for all users of XCloner for WordPress 4.2.152 and earlier

Recently, we were informed of a serious vulnerability affecting the XCloner WordPress plugin. This vulnerability affects all versions up to and including 4.2.152. We take security very seriously at XCloner and Watchful and within 2 days of the report we had patched the most serious issue. Over the coming days we would add additional fixes. […]

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Security Announcement

Security release available for archived Joomla version

Today we have made available a new release — version 3.5.4 — for the unmaintained Joomla version of XCloner. Prior versions of XCloner for Joomla contained an Authenticated Local File Disclosure vulnerability that has been patched in the latest version. Any users of the unmaintained XCloner for Joomla package should upgrade immediately. Details of the exploit […]

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