Welcome to the New XCloner Website and Documentation

XCloner is the easy, free and reliable way to back up your WordPress sites.

In April this year, XCloner joined the Watchful team.

Since that time, we’ve been hard at work on improvements for XCloner users.

First, we released several updates for the XCloner plugin. The biggest update was version 4.2, which had several new features, bug-fixes, and a command-line interface.

Now, there’s a revamped website and documentation area. Here’s an overview of what’s new on this site:

The XCloner website

XCloner.com has a fresh new look, to go with the new logo. Here are some of the key resources:

The XCloner documentation

XCloner is a very straightforward plugin, but even the easiest software requires documentation. There wasn’t any available on the previous XCloner site, so we’re building a new documentation site. Almost half of the planned documentation is already finished, and we’ll publish more in the next few weeks.