Personalized data compression

Features Personalized File Compression

XCloner was designed to accommodate backups of small and large websites on a range of hosting environments and server configurations. This flexibility is achieved by providing many options to fine-tune the data compression process.

Balancing backup size and system resources

One of the most important options to consider when configuring XCloner website backups is the data compression level. Low compression levels result in large backups but require fewer system resources and vice versa. By allowing each user to adjust the compression level, an efficient balance between backup size and CPU/system load can be achieved for most websites.

File & folder exclusion

When generating backups, you can selectively exclude specific files and/or directories. You can also use regex to specify filename and folder name patterns that should always be excluded from backups (such as cache and temporary folders). Careful use of exclusions will result in optimized (usually smaller) backups.

Open standards makes archive decompression (extraction) easy

XCloner website backups are compressed with tar, the open source compression utility. Downloading a tar archive and decompressing or extracting it on your local PC is supported on most computing platforms with no specialized software. This makes local analysis very accessible and requires no extraction scripts.