Site sync, migration & rollback

Site Sync Migration Rollback

XCloner uses open source standards like TAR, MySQL and CSV formats so you can be sure that your backups can be restored in a variety of ways, giving you more flexibility and full control.

The included data migration script is a powerful and versatile tool that makes it fast and easy to transport your website from one location to another. This is useful under the following circumstances:

Site Sync

XCloner can be used to sync your staging site to your production site (or vice versa). With a complete backup, the XCloner restoration tool securely connects both sites and allows the data to be sent between them. File and folder permissions are retained in the process.

Critically, URL differences are seamlessly managed during the restore process so both the staging and production sites continue to work as expected.

Site migration

XCLoner is a great tool to migrate your website between hosts.

Similar to Site Sync, XCloner can migrate the site from the outgoing host to a temporary domain name on the new host. In addition to making the needed changes o the domain names in the database, XCloner also updates the site config file with the new host details for database access.

Site rollback

XCloner also excels at rolling back a site to an earlier version. This is commonly used when site updates or other changes break the site unexpectedly and a quick rollback is needed. This gets the site back online quickly so troubleshooting can be performed without incurring extended downtime.